Let's set this straight
I won't be defined by anyone's mistakes
But what would you say
If things you love turned you into someone you hate

Through with sleepless nights sitting on your floor
All the countless fights I worry till I'm bored
Just a waste of time now I know that I'm
So out of sight and out of mind
Do you remember when driving in your car
Doing all I can not to fall apart
Ran downstairs to die never thought that I
Could feel so alone again
You never came downstairs

You are never gonna get what you want
I'd rather live my life with another permanent mark
Still think that you have got some more to say
Get the hint, turn around and walk away don't stay
As hard it is for me to just ignore
I dedicate myself to something more

I'm gonna punch my way through this wall
And when I see the day I swear I'm taking it all

The hardest part of all these problems
To know what they are and not embody them

I know I'm not the person in my head
Still I'm learning how to accept what was done and said
We emptied bottles as we sat on the bed
At the end of the day that's all that matters I guess

Moving miles from where we were last year
Never again will we live with any fear
Moving miles from where we were last year


from It's Been Seven Years Since '09, released December 13, 2016
music by Andrew and Alex Greco, lyrics by Adam Siegler



all rights reserved


Korean Large East Meadow, New York

Jake Shefts - Vocals

Adam Siegler - Guitar

Alex Greco - Guitar

Tom Brody - Bass

Andrew Greco - Drums

we enjoy the skyrim soundtrack and pirates of the carribean
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