It’s 4am and I’m lying in bed
I had too much caffeine again
I can’t fall asleep, like this
I start thinking about what I’m doing with my life
I did it again just blew the whole night
Doing nothing, with my friends
We'd sit around in parking lots and talk about the last party
Honestly what else can we look forward to

I lie awake staring at the ceiling
Is there nothing that can relieve me of this feeling
And I don’t think, anything is going right for me
But I heard you’re doing better, without me

I just needed something to live for
You were just my reason to be alive
Please tell me that there is something more
Cause I’m too much a coward to lay down and die
And I, don’t wanna give up yet

I know it’s my fault, the way I am right now
I can’t blame anyone else, for how I turned out
And I’m trying to change, the best that I can
But it gets hopeless,
When so many things about you are just plain wrong

And I know you think I’m okay but I’m not
And everyone thinks I’m okay but I’m not
Just cause I didn’t say it doesn’t mean I didn’t care
And just cause you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there
I'm not okay


from It's Been Seven Years Since '09, released December 13, 2016
music and lyrics by Andrew Greco



all rights reserved


Korean Large East Meadow, New York

Jake Shefts - Vocals

Adam Siegler - Guitar

Alex Greco - Guitar

Tom Brody - Bass

Andrew Greco - Drums

we enjoy the skyrim soundtrack and pirates of the carribean
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