It's Been Seven Years Since '09

by Korean Large

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Special Thanks to: Adam Targove, Carol Ahern, Chris Schmitt, Dan Rice, Elizabeth Mauro, Eric Walden, Esther Yee, Howard Horowitz, Ian Fried, James Lima, Lynn Greco, Macy Ryan, Ruben Romero, Tom Deignan and Tracy Mullins for helping us fund this album

More special thanks to Joe and Adam Targrove and the DreamCatcher Studios in East Meadow for helping record drums on this album. Thanks to Jake Supovitz and Chris Vasquez for helping out on gang vocals.

Andrew Greco recorded and produced "It's Been Seven Years Since '09". Hours and hours of his hard work went into this. Thank you so much!

Thank you to everyone who made this album possible. We couldn't have done it without all of your support.



released December 13, 2016

All music by Korean Large
Recorded and Produced by Andrew Greco
Cover Art by James Lima and Daniel Bergin



all rights reserved


Korean Large East Meadow, New York

Jake Shefts - Vocals

Adam Siegler - Guitar

Alex Greco - Guitar

Tom Brody - Bass

Andrew Greco - Drums

we enjoy the skyrim soundtrack and pirates of the carribean
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Track Name: Empty Bottles
Let's set this straight
I won't be defined by anyone's mistakes
But what would you say
If things you love turned you into someone you hate

Through with sleepless nights sitting on your floor
All the countless fights I worry till I'm bored
Just a waste of time now I know that I'm
So out of sight and out of mind
Do you remember when driving in your car
Doing all I can not to fall apart
Ran downstairs to die never thought that I
Could feel so alone again
You never came downstairs

You are never gonna get what you want
I'd rather live my life with another permanent mark
Still think that you have got some more to say
Get the hint, turn around and walk away don't stay
As hard it is for me to just ignore
I dedicate myself to something more

I'm gonna punch my way through this wall
And when I see the day I swear I'm taking it all

The hardest part of all these problems
To know what they are and not embody them

I know I'm not the person in my head
Still I'm learning how to accept what was done and said
We emptied bottles as we sat on the bed
At the end of the day that's all that matters I guess

Moving miles from where we were last year
Never again will we live with any fear
Moving miles from where we were last year
Track Name: Letting Go
I can't believe it's been so long since I saw you last
The feeling, it just keeps fading away
I know it's just not healthy living in the past
But how could I just let you slip away

Everything's gone to shit without you
Sold the house, I barely made it through high school
But it's not the end
I didn't break I'm just bent
I know I can't live like this forever
Falling behind, feel like it's now or never
When I said I’m fine,
I just needed some time

Can’t help but wish that you were still around
I think of all the things we’d talk about
And I thought maybe you could help me out
‘cause I just feel so lost where I am now

And I know
Oh I know it isn’t easy
Letting go
Letting go of this
Where’d you go
I don’t know but
Wherever it is you’ll find a part of me

Everything's gone to shit without you,
It all fell apart, but what else could I do,
I think we made it through,
‘Cause I know I'll never see you again,
You're just a faded memory in my head,
But in my thoughts I'll keep you alive
I just wish I had said goodbye
Track Name: Headlights
Give me one good reason why
I should look beyond the headlights that just pass me by
I’m done with this thought that it will be just fine
The future cannot promise this picture perfect life

The world is turning faster than my head
Seems like everything we had was never meant
Not quite the person I used to be
Lost all my faith in stability
Guess I’ll be walking home alone again

When everything's falling down
I look around to find my way but I don’t know how
The only route is getting out of this dead end town
It’s sad and abrupt but the only way I know
Track Name: Green Valley Road
Still thinking about time passing by
‘Fraid of losing that mid summer high
For the end of us, so closely near
Yet dear to what I've become

Three months from now; filling new shoes
pondering if this is good or bad news
Missing the smell of the Atlantic
Near the place we used to grow the place we called home

Running way from her down green valley road
Forever staying eighteen no worries against the world

Driving down the southern parkway
Over a hundred but still making haste,
Thinking about the one up above
Soaring to wherever she may fly

Umbrellas blind you from the beauty of rain
you forget that smiles are born through pain
For now our hands are held tight
Slowly letting go, but never forgetting life together

I will never believe in growing up
I only pray growing up believes in me

Running way from her down green valley road,
Forever staying eighteen no worries against the world
Track Name: Caffeine
It’s 4am and I’m lying in bed
I had too much caffeine again
I can’t fall asleep, like this
I start thinking about what I’m doing with my life
I did it again just blew the whole night
Doing nothing, with my friends
We'd sit around in parking lots and talk about the last party
Honestly what else can we look forward to

I lie awake staring at the ceiling
Is there nothing that can relieve me of this feeling
And I don’t think, anything is going right for me
But I heard you’re doing better, without me

I just needed something to live for
You were just my reason to be alive
Please tell me that there is something more
Cause I’m too much a coward to lay down and die
And I, don’t wanna give up yet

I know it’s my fault, the way I am right now
I can’t blame anyone else, for how I turned out
And I’m trying to change, the best that I can
But it gets hopeless,
When so many things about you are just plain wrong

And I know you think I’m okay but I’m not
And everyone thinks I’m okay but I’m not
Just cause I didn’t say it doesn’t mean I didn’t care
And just cause you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there
I'm not okay
Track Name: Murph
It must be hard to fall down with no gravity
Down here its all I do in my own poverty

Summers days make me feel like I am missing out more
In countless ways I picture you and I
Sitting on the back porch

Orbiting my mind, taking up space and bringing back time
Enabling me to grow means learning how
And when it's best to let go

I'm left behind
exchanged for other sights
Seeing dark skies
you drift across my light
I'm staying home now
I'm sleeping somehow
Another cup of coffee
When nothing's the same
Not even video games
Can get me through the week

It must be hard to fall down with no gravity
down here It's all I do in my own poverty
I can't breathe this heavy air
Set me aside as if you ever cared

So if you're coming back to earth,
I'll meet you where we last stood
It's getting harder to find worth
In the stars, after all they have took
Track Name: Nice Weather
I’m ripping up
Ripping up the roots from underneath my feet
I’m staying up telling stories I hope to never keep
It just might be
Narrow vision but it’s still enough to see and
I believe what I see is how you stole this all from me
I’ll take it back

Now it’s spring
I live another day, another fucked up week
Think I might
be living out my hell at least the weathers nice
It’s telling me
Moving on is maybe just what I might need
But you dont see
I tried to help myself by planting out this seed

I’m gonna watch it grow
Track Name: Homeless in Philly
It was in the way you
spoke about the things you loved

Now all I hear is a subtle breeze.
Whispering, "when will you let go?

Maybe space is a good idea
That's what she told me
She went on that it was nothing but poor timing
Maybe space is a good idea
That's what she told me
Maybe it's time to say goodbye
Time to say goodbye
Track Name: 76
If I had eyes I'd see
That you don't want us to be
And i know that we're not real
But I've got a heart that feels

I can't keep holding in all of these these ideals
Of a different me and a different you
Where everything was young and new and fine
But I keep wasting thoughts on another time
it helps me understand that I'm

I'm just not 13 anymore
I've been constantly trying to go back in time
To see if I cant revive
The young and the hopeful and bring them to life
It’s just not the same anymore
I gave you the pieces of my humankind
But I've come to terms with myself
So I'll bring those pieces back into my mind

When you and I were blind
We helped each other to see
Without our sight we'd find
That my heart is all I could be

As the time passes by I wonder why
You and I have grown apart
Once always together but I guess it's better
To be apart forever
I let you grow and you let me go
But its okay cause now I know that I

Now I know that I don't need you in my mind
I have realised I don't need you here in my life

You never cared at all
I'm perfectly tired of losing my mind
And I will no longer fall
I'll hold my ground because I know that I

I'm just not 13 anymore
I've been constantly trying to go back in time
To see if I cant revive
The young and the hopeful and bring them to life
It’s just not the same anymore
I gave you the pieces of my humankind
But I've come to terms with myself
So I'll bring those pieces back into my mind